About Us - Maui Roost Vacation Rentals

Maui Roost is a small company that is big on customer service.

Gavin & I started this company because we feel very strongly about the value of personal attention and customer service. Although we appreciate the elements of efficiency and convenience that technology provides, we also treasure personal interaction and quality customer service.
Everyone coming to Maui has a story - expectations, celebrations, much needed relaxation, and more. For many people visiting Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  We enjoy hearing those stories and are happy to assist you to make your trip memorable.  It’s a great feeling to help people do something that brings them happiness.

We’re available to answer questions, before booking, prior to arrival and during your stay, to help you have a better experience.  Our goal is to offer you a little extra attention, not just a place to stay.
We really appreciate the server that remembers our names or the post office staff that ask about our business.  It’s that connection we want to bring to you.


Julie Koffler Pederson

Why the name Maui Roost?

A roost is a place to settle, or rest for the night.  We wanted a name that is memorable and stands out from the typical vacation rental, just as our service will. When I see any of the large number of chickens & roosters wandering around Maui, I cannot help but smile. Maybe it’s because something that is so common also stands out as unique, a good reminder for us all.

Before we could commit to the name, I wanted to make sure there weren’t negative connotations associated with roosters.  Happy to report the findings were positive. Roosters have pretty good characteristics; intelligent, responsive, distinctive, and earnest.  All traits you’ll recognize when dealing with our company. 

Gavin Sharples - Operations Manager
A native Englishman, Gavin has traveled extensively and lived around the world. After a vacation to Maui in 2011, he’d had enough of Denver’s harsh winters and moved to Maui. Working for over 20 years leading and developing Planning & Project Management teams in the demanding, fast-paced world of telecommunications has given Gavin the desire to work in a smaller, customer service based business. He enjoys the relaxed Maui lifestyle, being his own boss and cheering for the Broncos in tropical weather.

Julie Koffler Pederson – Guest & Owner Relations Manager
Raised in Oregon and living in Alaska for 30 years, Julie has an appreciation for tropical weather. She’s been visiting Maui for over 40 years, and in 2013, she finally made the move. While living in Alaska, she owned property at Kamaole Sands and understands the concerns of off-island owners. Julie worked for a major Maui vacation rental company as the primary Reservations Agent then Reservations & Owner Relations Manager for over 100 rental units.  She looks forward helping visitors have a memorable vacation and providing owners with a sense of security and personal attention. She enjoys many outdoor activities, cooking/baking/eating, meeting people, and life without a snow shovel.